live traffic services
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  • what we do

    Every day, we fight traffic jams and enable smart mobility, using big data.

    Be-Mobile monitors 24/7 all traffic flows, based on the live movements of millions of connected cars and the feedback from millions of connected travelers.

    We improve the mobility of both individual travelers and the road operators.

    Automotive navigation

    We fuel nav systems with live traffic to inform drivers on incidents, predict journey times and calculate reliable rerouting.

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    Multi-modal mobility apps

    We help travelers to plan their routes by car-train-bus-metro, get speed advice while driving, find and pay a parking spot.

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    Traffic bulletins on Radio & TV

    We stream breaking news traffic bulletins on TV, Radio, Web and outdoor screens, attracting audience and advertisers.

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    Traffic monitoring and analysis

    We enable traffic control rooms to monitor real-time traffic flows and analyze the historical evolution of traffic.

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    Advanced traffic control

    Based on the fusion of road sensors with connected car data, we develop the next generation of traffic control algorithms.

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    Fleet management and logistics

    Many corporations use our traffic and routing to optimize their logistics processes and boost their mobile workforces.

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